Who We Are

The Jewish Dialogue Group is a non-partisan, grassroots organization that formed in 2001 to foster vibrant, respectful dialogue within Jewish communities about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other challenging issues. We create programs and materials that empower people to learn about one another across political divides, clarify their feelings and views, explore difficult ethical and intellectual questions, seek common ground, and strengthen relationships. We seek to make our resources available to all who need them.

As an organization, we do not take positions on any issues, but focus solely on promoting dialogue. Our board members, volunteers, and advisors have many different political perspectives. We come from many different streams of Judaism: Conservative, Reconstructionist, Orthodox, Reform, Renewal, non-denominational, and secular.

We have facilitated more than 300 dialogue programs, involving thousands of people, and we have trained dozens of facilitators. Our guidebooks and other materials have been used in synagogues, schools, organizations, and communities throughout North America, in England, and in Israel.