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The Jewish Dialogue Group has created a number of publications that you can use to conduct dialogue programs and other workshops. Please also check out our recommendations for articles and tools from other authors and organizations on a separate page.

Manual for Facilitating Dialogue

Together with the Public Conversations Project, we have published a comprehensive manual that Jews around the world are using to organize and facilitate dialogue programs. To obtain the guide, you may:

Guidebook for Deliberation about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

In 2012 we published the first edition of our new Guidebook for Deliberation. Jews across the United States will use the guidebook to conduct workshops in which participants will systematically explore how they can respond to this challenging issue. The Guidebook lays out four alternative answers to the question, "How can Jews in the U.S. respond ethically and effectively to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?" The four responses reflect a wide range of ideas and concerns from across the political spectrum.

Dialogue in the Jewish Tradition

This thirty-page article explains a number of Jewish teachings about dialogue, respectful communication, and listening, and describes ways you can bring these teachings into your dialogues. To obtain the article, you may:

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