Guidebook for Deliberation about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

We are pleased to offer our new Guidebook for Deliberation about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The Guidebook enables Jews across the United States to systematically explore the choices they face as they consider how to respond to the conflict.

There are two ways to access the Guidebook:

  • Read and download the Guidebook free of charge.
  • Purchase a printed copy.

What Is the Guidebook?

The Guidebook lays out four divergent responses to the question, “How can Jews in the United States respond ethically and effectively to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?” Each chapter recommends a different set of actions and describes some of the hopes, fears, values, and interpretations of history and current events behind that approach. In addition, each chapter describes some of the trade-offs and risks that proponents of that approach are willing to accept, and outlines some areas of debate or controversy within that approach. The four approaches reflect a wide range of ideas and concerns that are discussed within Jewish communities, across the political spectrum.

How Is the Guidebook Used?

JDG and other organizations and individuals across the US are using the Guidebook to conduct “deliberation programs”�structured conversations that give people a systematic way to explore the choices they face. Participants in these programs:


  • share their stories, experiences, feelings, and ideas about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • learn about the varied perspectives described in the guidebook
  • clarify their values, concerns, and priorities
  • explore challenging ethical and intellectual questions
  • weigh their options for action, and consider ways to explore these issues in the future

These programs are facilitated in a way that creates a supportive, non-adversarial environment and fosters respect and mutual understanding. Some deliberation programs are one-time events; others involve multiple meetings over a period of weeks.

In addition, many people are reading the Guidebook on their own and discussing it informally.

Next Steps for the Project

In the coming months, we plan to publish additional materials for use in deliberation. They include:

  • a facilitator packet that will contain step-by-step instructions for leading deliberation programs, along with background information about the practice of deliberation
  • supplements that describe the perspectives presented in the Guidebook in greater detail
  • a companion website that will allow readers to deepen their learning by following links to articles, blogs, maps, and other resources

How to Get Involved

There are several ways to participate in this effort:

  1. Participate in a deliberation program in your community.
  2. Host a deliberation program in your synagogue, school, or organization.
  3. Contribute your ideas for the additional materials that we are writing or help to edit them.

Would you like to participate in any of these ways? Sign up here to get involved. Or feel free to email us with any questions or suggestions: [email protected]