Deliberation about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Spring 2014 in Philadelphia

Do you want to explore how you can respond ethically and effectively to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Do you wish you had a place to sort out your dilemmas or seek answers to difficult questions? Would you like to learn about a wide range of perspectives? Are you seeking to have honest, respectful conversation with Jews who have diverse viewpoints, in a supportive environment?

Please join us this spring for a special multi-session deliberation program!

What: This program will bring together a small  group of Jews to talk about the question: “How can we, as Jews in the United States, respond ethically and effectively to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?”

During the workshops, you will:

  • Learn about each other’s stories and perspectives
  • Reflect on your own values, feelings, and concerns
  • Explore a variety of ways to understand and engage with the conflict
  • Weigh your options for ethical, effective action

The program will involve reading and discussing the Jewish Dialogue Group’s recently published Guidebook for Deliberation about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Who: Jews of all perspectives and backgrounds are welcome. Whether you have studied these issues extensively or you are just beginning to explore them, you may find this program helpful and rewarding.

When: Four weekday evenings (6:30 to 9pm) in Spring 2014.

Where: Center City Philadelphia — exact location to be determined.

Cost: Sliding scale fee of $50 to $100. Scholarships available — no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Apply to Participate: Applications for this program will be available soon! If you would like to be updated, please email us at [email protected]  

Questions? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 215-266-1218.

More Information about the Program

What You Will Gain: We hope that this experience will leave you with

  • A greater understanding of varied perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • More clarity about your own values, feelings, ideas, and commitments
  • New directions for action
  • New questions that can guide you in further study or reflection
  • Skills that you can use to discuss these issues in constructive ways

Commitments: Participants will be expected to

  • Attend all four sessions
  • Read or reflect for up to two hours before each session
  • Listen attentively
  • Speak honestly in ways that promote learning and genuine inquiry
  • Refrain from explicit or implicit attack or persuasion
  • Treat what others say as confidential

About the Guidebook: The Jewish Dialogue Group’s new Guidebook for Deliberation lays out four diverse responses to the question: “How can Jews in the United States respond ethically and effectively to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?” The four responses reflect a wide range of ideas from across the political spectrum.

Each chapter includes sections that describe:

  • values, concerns, and interpretations of history and current events that motivate that approach
  • trade-offs and risks with which advocates of that approach wrestle
  • specific ways to take action — through advocacy, education, volunteering, donations, and other means
  • areas of debate or controversy among people who support that approach