About Us

We are a grassroots organization that works to foster constructive dialogue within Jewish communities across the world about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other challenging issues. We offer:

  • Dialogue programs and workshops that help people talk across political differences in constructive ways and clarify their views
  • Publications and facilitation training that empower people to conduct dialogue programs of their own
  • Consultation with people who are engaged in dialogue work

Our staff and volunteers have many different political perspectives, and as an organization we do not take positions on any issues.

Why dialogue?

Many Jews are looking for more useful ways to discuss the situation in the Middle East. Discussion about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be extremely difficult. People with strong convictions often find themselves in bitter conflict with others who hold different views. At the same time, people who feel ambivalent or confused often have trouble finding a supportive environment in which they can discuss their feelings, ideas, and questions. Many people avoid discussing the conflict because they feel they don’t know enough, or because the issues seem overwhelmingly painful or confusing.

We have found that carefully structured and facilitated dialogue programs can enable people to talk with each other in ways that would otherwise not be possible. These conversations are set up to foster respectful listening and collective exploration, rather than argument and debate. They can help people to understand one another across profound differences; strengthen their relationships and communities; clarify their feelings, concerns, and views; and find effective ways to respond to critically important problems, in keeping with their own values.

We have also led dialogue programs about other challenging issues, including the war in Iraq, gender and sexual orientation, health care policy, and the role of synagogues in promoting social justice.